Services We Provide

Equine Annual Wellness

We ensure your pet remains healthy by providing yearly vaccinations, routine dental floatation, deworming, bloodwork, nutritional advising, and specialized testing.

Equine Diagnostics

Our full-service mobile practice brings the necessary diagnostic equipment and tools right to your stall door. Portable digital radiograph and ultrasound images can be obtained on site. We provide comprehensive pre-purchase and lameness exams. Digital Coggins tests and health certificates for inter-state travel, as well as comprehensive blood panels or specialized testing.

Small Animal Wellness

We offer limited services to your canine and feline friends including vaccinations, heartworm testing, medications and specialized diagnostic testing. Dr. Chellgren also works with The Empty Shelter Project, a spay/neuter organization in her free time. 

Home Euthanasia

Whether its your hooved friend outside or your pawed pet indoors we understand how difficult the decision can be.  We offer complete at home euthanasia and we partner with a crematory service to insure the process is  as peaceful as possible.